Serious tropical threat could be brewing for Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico

AccuWeather forecasters are looking ahead to the next tropical threat behind Hurricane Fiona, which pummeled the Turks and Caicos Tuesday morning as a Category 3 storm and poses a threat to Bermuda and parts of eastern Canada later this week, and are cautioning about new development in the Atlantic basin that could be a danger to the mainland United States late in the month.카지노사이트

After the Atlantic basin was virtually dormant throughout August, the month of September has been crackling with tropical activity, and there are multiple candidates that could develop into named systems in the Atlantic over the next couple of weeks. The next names on the Atlantic list of tropical storms this season are Hermine and Ian.바카라사이트

In the short term, a system that was dubbed Tropical Depression Eight Tuesday morning over the middle of the Atlantic was further upgraded to Tropical Storm Gaston as of Tuesday afternoon. Gaston is not expected to be a threat to the Caribbean or North America, but it could wander close enough to the Azores to bring strong winds, rough seas and heavy rain as a strong tropical storm or perhaps a hurricane later this week and this weekend.온라인카지노

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