Continued traditions of the season to continue this fall at Seguin Public Library

Special by Beyonce Harris, Main Street & CVB intern

(Seguin) — Following the Mexican Cultural tradition, Día de Los Muertos, Day of the Dead, the Teatro de Artes de Juan Seguin, Seguin Main Street, and the Seguin Public Library host the annual celebratory community altar.카지노사이트

For the second year in a row, the Seguin Public Library will make itself home to a community altar in coordination with Main Street and the Teatro de Artes. This celebration has become engrained into Seguin’s annual calendar in honor and appreciation for Mexican heritage and traditions; supplying both an opportunity for the community to come together and an altar to honor, celebrate and remember the lives of their beloved ancestors.

Teatro De Artes De Juan Seguin is honored to be partnering with Seguin Main Street and the Seguin Public Library to build a community altar inside the public library that will educate the community about this observance and serve as a place of honoring and remembering loved ones from all walks of life,” says Dr. Yvonne De La Rosa, Teatro executive director.

Día de Los Muertos is a two-day annual tradition and celebration of remembrance. The tradition itself welcomes back the souls of late relatives, with honor, drinks, music, arts, traditional cuisine, and dates back over some 3,000 years with traces to Mesoamerican traditions, namely the Aztec, and Toltecsocieties. Following the 16th century acquisition of the Aztec Empire by the Spaniards, ceremonial rituals in honor of the dead became fall traditions. Día de Los Muertos, as a tradition, now remembers the lives of late children and youth on Nov. 1st and remembers the lives of late adults on Nov. 2nd.바카라사이트

The sponsoring organizations will provide the traditional elements, the altar, Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water, together, we invite and encourage the community to assist in filling out the altar with items that help you remember or honor your loved ones.

Please reference the following items about personal belongings:

  • Framed photos should be copies of the original and include name & contact information (On the back)
  • Per city regulations, tobacco and alcohol products will not be allowed on the altar
  • Only sealed and nonperishable food items are allowed on the altar
  • Beverages (non-alcoholic) must be in sealed containers
  • Photobooks, Poetry Items, Letters, Toys, and items alike are encouraged. We take no responsibility for any items lost, damaged or stolen, thus we do not recommend any items with significant monetary or sentimental value.

Beginning Monday, Oct. 17th, we invite the community to bring photos and ofrendas of loved ones to the Seguin Public Library to be placed on the altar. The altar will be open for viewing Monday, Oct. 18th through Nov. 2nd, 2022. We cannot wait to see photos, poems, books, y otras ofrendas, en el altar para nuestracomunidad. For questions or more information, contact Main Street (830) 401-5000.온라인카지노

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